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DANCE TITLE CHOREOGRAPHER MUSIC SUGGESTION A A 1 Blues, The John & Janette A 1 Blues Sandham A-11 Barry Amato A-11 A 11 Terry Dunbar A 11 AB-Bobbi Maureen Bullock Bobbi With An I A - B Copycat Val Myers Family Tree She's All That Whole Lotta Hurt One Dance With You 455 Rocket AB Scrumdiddlyumptious Barbara lowe Candy Man A-B Ticket Val Myers One Way Ticket Cry To Me A - B Waltz Val Myers Halos And Horns Lonely Too ABC Charles Bowring Learning As You Go E.L.C. Wild, Wild, West A.H.B. Association Ray & Tina American Honky Tonk Bar Association Yeoman AHBA Dan & Carol American Honky Tonk Bar Assn Sherwin AHBA Norm Blanchard American Honky Tonk Bar Assn AJ Margaret Loosen Up My Strings Transmeier Hey Baby A-J Boogie Alice York & Tall Tall Trees Jane Barra AJ Rocks Sue Barnes Don't Rock The Jukebox A J Shuffle Allan Watson Chasin' That Neon Rainbow A.K. Stomp Warren Fleming Fly Like A Bird AM To PM Rob Fowler & AM To PM Paul McAdam A.M. Waltz Ann Thomson-Buhler Four In The Morning A.V.O Kurt Glover Goodbye Earl A.W.O.L. Carole Daugherty Gone & Frank Cooper A - Z Patricia E. Stott Oh Lonesome Me A Dance To Remember Stewart Gimson To Be With You A Little Drink, Rick & A Little Drink, A Little Dance A Little Dance Deborah Bates A La Playa Irene Groundwater A La Playa A Little More Lana Harvey Little By Little If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Little More Love Learning As You Go Silence Makes A Lonesome Sound Rescue Me One More Try Nothing Left Behind Us A Mambo Allan Hocking Mambo Mambo A Million 2/1 Helen O'Malley Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain Tell Me Why A Moment Roland Gutzwiller A Moment Isn't Very Long Some Other Time I Gonna Loose A Lot Of Teardrops Blame It On The Times A-Wondering John Rowell I'm Wondering Aaryn's Spirit Nancy A. Morgan Spirit In The Sky ABBA (Laura Laffs) William Sevone Waterloo Super Trouper ABBAcadabra Ross Brown ABBA Medley ABBA Medley Abbronzatissima Dirk Leibing Sommer Lass Mich Nicht Allein Abelarumba Chris Hodgson A Place In My Heart Abidi-Hi-Bidi-Hop Hop Jo & John Kinser La La Song & Mark Furnell Abilene Unknown Grandpa Operator, Operator Coca Cola Cowboy Nobody's Girl When Hell Freezes Over You Can't Lose Me Abilene Kathleen Reynolds Tropical Depression Crying Shame Abilene Jim Ferrazzano Abilene Louise Webber Abilene Audrey Watson Abilene On Her Mind These Boots Are Ready To Dance I'm Getting Used To Getting Over You About A Girl Neville Fitzgerald About A Girl & Julie Harris About Face Terry Hogan In Your Face About Face Lynne Curtis I've Got A Quarter In My Pocket Cheap Thrills About Face Dan Albro She's Not Just A Pretty Face About Leavin' Glennys Croston Don't You Even Think About Leaving Zydeco Lady About Leavin' "U" Lynne Flanders Songs About Me A Lot Of Leavin' Left To Do Honky Tonk 'U' About Now David Wells What About Now Blaze Of Glory About Us Lawrence Allen About Us About You Vivienne Scott Drinkin' About You Never Gonna Give You Up About You Michele Godard Think About You All Of The Time Above & Beyond Stephen Sunter Together Again That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Walk On It's Not Right But It's Okay Above And Beyond Val Myers & I Did My Part Gaye Teather Daddy Had A Cardiac And Mama's Got A Cadillac Maybe The Angels Under Your Spell Again Above Ground Karen Hedges, 6 Feet Under Letha Blackford, Tracy Bone Above The Rainbow Miska Honkakoski Dance Above The Rainbow Above the Rim Unknown No News Cotton County Queen Abracadabra Matt Jenkins Abracadabra Abracadabra William Sevone Abracadabra Abracame (Hug Me) Justine Shuffleworth We're All Alone Abrazame Peter Ng Abrázame Absence Jan Wyllie The Minute You're Gone Absence Of The Heart Michael Vera-Lobos Absence Of The Heart I Want It That Way Absent Friends Paul Wilkinson Absent Friends Absolutely Fred Knopp Absolutely Everybody Absolutely Jan Brookfield Absolutely Everybody Sexy Eyes Sweet Mouth Southern Nights Absolutely William Sevone Absolutely Absolutely, Definitely Jenny Cross & Absolutely, Definitely Maggie Gallagher Absolutely Everybody Sharon Walton Absolutely Everybody Absolutely Everybody Glen Lloyd Absolutely Everybody Absolutely Kim Ray Absolutely Positively Positively Acaloco Brian Holland Loco In Acapulco Acapella Philip Osmond Hold Me Achy Breaky Heart Acapella Johnny Two-Step Acapella Accentuate The Raelinn W. Dale Ac-cent-tchu-ate The Positive Positive Accept My Love Chris Cleevely Accept My Love Don't Stop Till You Get Enough Beggar On A Beach Of Gold Accidental Greg Van Zilen I Got My Baby Love Thing The Way You Love Me Rock This Country Ace In The Hole Stacie Sue Schmidt When Love Starts Talkin' Country Fair Ace In The Hole Ace In The Hole A.T. Kinson Ace In The Hole Ace In The Hole Gordon Elliott Ace In The Hole Ace Of Country Curly Carver Linda Lou Always Have, Always Will Ace Of Hearts Jay Magdalene Ace Of Hearts McIntyre Ace Of Spades Derrick Mulford Ace Of Spades Ache Or Break 98' Trevor Smith Achy Breaky Heart Achy Breaky Heart Melanie Greenwood Achy Breaky Heart Achy Breaky Heart Juliet Lam Achy Breaky Heart Achy Breaky Unknown Achy Breaky Heart (East Coast Ver.) Achy Breaky Heart Irene Groundwater Achy Breaky Heart (SGSC Style) Achy Breaky Shirley Hawkins Achy Breaky Heart Rides Alone Riding Alone Ace 10 Michele Burton Just Like A Rodeo Goin' Back To Louisiana She's Got The Rhythm Aces High Trevor Smith Amazing Grace Acorn William Sevone I Feel Bad Walk That Line Across The Border Bev Cornish & It's A Love Thing Larry Bass Baby One More Time Shakey Ground Word Is Out Across The Mississippi Gary & Cheryl Parker I Can See Arkansas Across the River Jeanette Mr. Jones Cartwright & Bev Sandiford Across The Sea Jan Wyllie & Bill Bader Sea Of Heartbreak Across The Water Lana Harvey Wilson The Water Is Wide When A Woman's In Love Act Naturally Jan Wyllie Act Naturally Action Gerald Biggs & A Lot Less Talk And A Little More Action Nancy Glover Action Darren Bailey A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action Action Man Annette Wright A Little Less Conversation Actions Speak Louder Raelene Brown Words Active Moment Peter Giam Love Won't Wait Adalaida Unknown Adalaida Adalida Unknown Adalida Adalida Val Reeves Adalida Stomp Jan Wyllie Adalida Adam David Camm Adam Adams Ale Rob Fowler Something In The Water Adaptable Frank Trace Trust Yourself Touch Me My Prerogative Add 'Em All Up Cato Larsen Add 'Em All Up Add 'Em All Up Juanjo Casas Add 'Em All Up Holdin' Heaven Add 'Em Up Rick & Burning Love Deborah Bates Add 'Em All Up If You Only Knew Addicted Clive McKenzie Addicted To the Dollar Addicted Rachael McEnaney Addicted Addicted To Love Max Perry Addicted To Love Addicted To Me Patrick She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy Latendresse She's Got Everything Money Can't Buy Addicted To Rock Keith Rye & Addicted To Love Shirlea Alexandra Addicted To You Sřren Kristensen Addicted Adelaide Stomp Peter Heath Home Among the Gum Trees Adelaide's Waltz Adelaide Manley One More Name Adios Mark Cosenza & Y Yo Sigo Aqui Glen Pospieszny Adios Jan Wyllie Adios Amigo Adios Amigo! Gary Lafferty Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya Adios, And Not Goodbye Karen Tripp Spanish Eyes Adios My Darling DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Vaya Con Dios AdiosJamaica June Yung Farewell Jamaica Adious Amiga Terry Dunbar Adious Amiga Adirondack Stampede Kentucky Heart He'll Never Be A Lawyer Round-Up Adjust The Sails Trish Arena Can't Control The Wind Admit It Esmeralda Admit It van de Pol Adoration Kate Sala My Heart Is Lost To You Adrenaline Ron Kline Are You Jimmy Ray Put Your Heart Into It Just A Little Bit Of Love Adrenaline Barry Durand Adrenalina Advanced Tush Push Unknown Affiance' Kitty Hunsaker Commitment Affinity Koolkatz (Gaye One Night & Charley) Affirmation Cactus Jay Affirmation Affirmative Jan Wyllie I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do Afraid To Touch Andrew, Sheila & Simon Touch Africa Gordon Elliott Africa Africa Bomba Derrick & Terry La Bomba Africa Waka Ingrind Kan Waka Waka African Beats Astrid Kaeswurm Waving Flags African Dream Anna Bevins Colour The World African Herbsman Andy Chumbley African Herbsman African Lady Don Kay African Lady After All Jan Wyllie Just A Memory After All Terry Dunbar Some Thing's Never Change After All Gary & Cheryl After All Parker After All.... Leonie Smallwood After All After All Karen Jennings After All After All These Years Neville Fitzgerald Everything's Changed After Dark Attraction Mark Furnell, I'll Make Love You Wacky Jackie, Raunchy Rachel After 5 Stomp Diane Horner Settin' the Woods on Fire Country Music Made Me Do It After Five Stomp Unknown Neon Rainbow After Harvest Ian Kneath After Harvest After Hours Karen Hunn After Hours At McGann's After Midnight Judy McDonald Walkin' After Midnight After Midnight Leonie Smallwood Walking After Midnight After Midnight Caroline James Walking After Midnight After Midnight Yvonne Hammond Walking After Midnight After Noon Lana Harvey Love In The Hot Afternoon The Bigger The Heart Take It To The Limit After Party Maurice Rowe After Party After Shock Stephen Sunter 2 Times When My Baby Heartbreak School Stuck In The Middle With You We Like To Party After The Weekend Gaye Teather Saturday Night After Tonight Niels Poulsen After Tonight After While Crocodile Michele Burton See You Later Alligator Afterglow Glynn Holt Afterglow I Can Dream Just A Kiss Afterglow Cha Dee Musk Love With My Eyes Closed Aftershock Bob & Marlene Billy James Peyre-Ferry Again Jan Wyllie One More Time Again! John H. Robinson Do It To Me Again Again And Again Dianne Evans Linda Lu Heartbreak School St. James Infirmary Blues Tropical Depression Against All Odds Michael Vera-Lobos Against All Odds Against My Will Teresa Lawrence Lovin You Against My Will & Vera Fisher Against The Grain Frederick Williams Against The Grain Against The Odds Helen D'Aguiar Against The Wind Could It Be Magic Aggis 'N' Cakes Eddie Bolton Maggie's Pancakes Agua Dulce Jos Slijpen Agua Dulce, Agua Sala Wink Ah-Ah Ah Guyton Mundy Bonanza AH-Live Ron Kline Love Is Alive Ahum Audrey Watson Ahum Ai No Corrida Dee Musk Ai No Corrida Ai Pia Jia Eh Yah! Hoe & Celina Ai Pia Jia Eh Yah Aiming High The Girls (Maureen I'm Gonna Fly & Michelle) One Dance With You This Time I'm Taking My Time Ain't All That Combo Knock On Wood Ain't Blue No More Steve & Kay Won't Be Blue Anymore Diprose Ain't Broke Jeff Allen Badly Bent Ain't Crazy Kathy Brown & She Just Wants To Dance Karen Hedges Ain't Dancin' Long Steve Hart Ain't Livin' Long Like This Like This Ain't Fooling Nobody John Rowell You Ain't Foolin' Nobody The Presidents Alive Ain't Giving Up Lynn Gauthier It's A Little Too Late Ain't Goin' Down Unknown Ain't Goin Down Til The Sun Comes Up 40 Days And 40 Nights American Honky Tonk Bar Association Ain't Goin' Down Unknown Ain't Goin' Down Till The Sun Comes Up Ain't Goin' Nowhere Lori Wong Any Way the Wind Blows Ain't Going Peacefully Tex & Pam Harwood Ain't Going Peacefully Ain't Gonna Stop Dominic Femino Just Got Started Lovin' You Ain't Gonna Wait 4 U Maria Louise Gill Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You Ain't Gonna Work! Zandra Varnham Ain't Gonna Work Today Ain't Good Enough Mike O'Brien Ain't Good Enough For You Ain't Got A Clue Pete Harkness & Alcohol Abuse John Rowell What You Get Is What You See I Don't Believe That's How You Feel Ain't Got Enough Jason Thomas All I Want Is a Life Ain't Got No Money Neville Fitzgerald The Way I Are & Julie Harris Ain't Got Nothing Maureen Ain't Got Nothing on Us On Us Bruce-Payne Stayin' Alive Ain't Hurtin' Nobody Ain't Got Time Peter Metelnick Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) (For Nothing Else) Too Busy Thinking About My Baby Ain't Got You Paul J. Badrick Ain't Got You I Just Want To Dance With You Ain't Hurt Kiss This Curtis Marting Kiss This Ain't It Funny? Liam Hrycan Ain't It Funny Ain't It Funny Debi Bodven Ain't It Funny Ain't It Funny Colin Pearce Ain't It Funny Ain't It Funny Cha Cato Larsen Ain't It Funny Ain't Life Wonderful Liam Hrycan Ain't Life Wonderful Let's Hear It For The Ladies Ain't Livin' Long Bill Lancaster I Ain't Livin' Long Like This You Know Where I Am Ain't Love A Lot Mark Simpkin & Ain't Love A Lot Like That Like That Tracie Lee Ain't Missing You Kathy Brackett Missing You Ain't Missing You Dougie D. I Ain't Missing You Ain't Much Fun Curtis Marting You Ain't Much Fun Honky Tonk Walkin' Ain't No Big Deal Diana Dawson Whiskey Under The Bridge Dancin' Cowboys Ain't No Chains DJ, CC, UK I'll Be There If You Ever Want Me Ain't No Crime Joey Prieur It Ain't No Crime Just Got Started Loving You Ain't No Doubt About It Amy Christian-Sohn Ain't No Doubt About It Ain't No Limit Anne Harris If You Love Somebody Ain't No Man Alan Haywood Ain't No Man We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This Ain't No Mystery Gwenda Rooke I See It Now Ain't No Mystery - Man Alan G. Birchall Ain't No Mystery Bring In The Noise It's Gotta Be You Waiting For Tonight Cypress Grove Sledgehammer Ain't No Other Guyton Mundy, Ain't No Other Maurice Rowe & Patrick Fleming Ain't No Way Jan Brookfield Forever & For Always The Long Goodbye Ain't No Way Violet Ray Ain't No Way Ain't Nobody Karen Hunn Being Nobody Ain't Nobody Craig Cooke & Ain't Nobody Danny Smith How Do You Like Me Now Ain't Nobody Jackie Barber Ain't Nobody Ain't Nobody Happy Linda Smith When Mama Ain't Happy Waiting For Tonight Hanky Panky Ain't Nobody's Carol McKee Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own Business Ain't Nothin' John Dembiec Ain't Nothing 'Bout You Ain't Nothing Mark Simpkin Ain't Nothing 'Bout You 'Bout You Ain't Nothin' Forty Arroyo Ain't Nothin' You Can Do U Can Do A Taste Of Dis Ain't Runnin Behind Curtis Ray The Shake Ain't Seen Glenn Ball You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet Nothin' Yet Ain't She Sweet Lynne Martino Ain't She Sweet Ain't Skeered Bob & Marlene Ain't Skeered Peyre-Ferry Ain't That A Kick Jo Miller Rocking Around The Christmas Tree Sea Of Cowboy Hats Long Neck Bottle Ain't That A Kick Doug & Jackie Ain't That A Kick In The Head Miranda Ain't That A Shame Maggie Gallagher Ain't That A Shame Ain't That Lonely Yet Jan Brookfield Ain't That Lonely Yet Tequila Sunrise Ain't That The Way Carl Sullivan Ain't That The Way The Way She's Looking Ain't Too Proud Larry Bass Ain't Too Proud To Beg Ain't Too Proud Max Perry Ain't Too Proud To Beg To Cha Ain't We Lucky Robert Lindsay Lucky Me Lonely You Ain't What Y'Do Jo Balls, It Ain't What You Do Stewart Gimson, Every Cowboy's Dream Jim Grice & Where The Sidewalk Ends Dave Munro Tell Her About It Ain't Workin, "Hillbilly" Rick A Bad Day's Fishin' Goin Fishin' Ain't Worth A Dime Lance Marr Ain't Worth A Dime Messing With My Mind Ain't You Glad Teri Rogers California Girls Ain't Your Mama KC Douglas I Ain't Your Mama Air William Sevone The Air That I Breathe Air Guitar Boogie Karen Stretch Better Things To Do Air That I Breathe Koolkatz The Air That I Breathe Airport Flyer, The Jan Wyllie, I Slipped And Fell In Love Anne Bradbury, Sue Wilson & Danuta Airstream Dave Munro Airstream Song Aisy Waisy Dance Pierre Mercier Aisy Waisy If My Heart Had Wings Ala Ala Ala Craig Cooke The Way I Mate Pure And Simple Alabama Unknown Alabama Unknown Kiss Me In The Car Alabama Boogie Kelvin Elvidge Jukebox In My Mind Spin The Wheel Say I Alabama Driver Unknown Adalida Alabama Girl Lana Harvey Wilson Alabama Country Girl Even If I Tried Honeycomb Singing The Blues Brown Eyed Girl Barefootin Lovin All Night Alabama Mist Joan Philip Misty Blue Alabama Struttin' Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry Alabama Country Girl Alabamie Bound Nancy A. Morgan- The Mississippi Kid Blackhurst Black Is Black Alabao Tracy Simnett Alabao Alabao Andrew Palmer & Alabao Simon J. Cox Ala-Freakin-Bama Judi Bisher-Schuler Ala-Freakin-Bama Ala-Freakin-Bama Harlan Curtis Ala-Freakin-Bama Alalalalong Cha Cha Irene Groundwater Sweat (Alalalalong) & Randy Morlanston Alamo Chris Goodyear Gone Country Alamo Dr. Time Alamo Boom Kay Needham Boom Boom Boom Alamo Shuffle Keri Tounge When Boy Meets Girl That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Maybe We Should Sleep On It Tonight Alamo Waltz, The Marg Jones Remember The Alamo Alane Helen O'Malley & Alane Deirdre How Do I Live Fitzsimons Alaska Maree Mulligan North To Alaska Alberta Cross EJ Foley Show Me A Woman Albuquerque Express Unknown Dancin' Cowboys Albuquerque Express Jimmy Diesel Dancin' Cowboys Alcohol Level Christopher Petre Too Much Blood In My Alcohol Level Alejandro Gaye Teather Alejandro Alejandro John Dembiec Alejandro Alesha's Boy Michael Lynn The Boy Does Nothing Alexander Rybak Dancemood Studio Fairytale Fairytale Ali Baba Derrick Goh Senor Ali Baba Ali Baba Margaret Wee Senor Ali Baba Alibis Rosalie Mackay Alibis Dreaming My Dreams With You Alibis Wild Orchid Alibis Wanted Alibis & Lies Kathy Brown I Don't Want You To Go (But I Need You To Leave) Alibis Waltz Marg Jones Alibis I See It Now Alice Dancemaker & Living Next Door To Alice Fancydancer Alice Tyra Farris Who The Hell Is Alice Alice (In Wonderland) Dottie Wicks Your Body Is A Wonderland Alice Who? Stan The Stomper Living Next Door To Alice Alice's Boots Ros Brander-Stephenson Boots Alice's Diamonds Ros Brander-Stephenson Sweet Caroline I Need To Know Alien Boogie Jamie Milne Men In Black Alien Boogie Sharon Haller Alien Boogie Aligator Rock The Berkshire County See You Later Alligator/R.O.C.K. Medley Line Dancers & Todd Lescarbeau Alimony Swing Jenny Bounds Show Me A Woman Ali's Spirited Alison Smith & Spirit In The Sky Hair Raiser Wild Winnie Alive Raunchy Rachel Alive Alive Marianne van Dorst I'm Alive Alive Neville Fitzgerald Alive & Julie Harris Alive And Free Leanne Leis Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me Alive & Kickin Daniel Whittaker That Don't Impress Me Much Alive 'N' Kickin Tracey McIntosh You Keep Me Hanging On Alkazar Andrew, Simon & Sheila This Is The World We Live In Days Like These All Aboard! Max Perry & My Baby Thinks She A Train (Re-mix) Jo Thompson All About You Queenie It's All About You Passionate, Desperate Love Speak Of The Devil All About You Linda Wolfe It's All About You All Alone Geri Morrison Every Little Thing Do You Wanna Make Something Of It All Alone Jan Wyllie Ain't Found Nobody All Alone Terry McHugh We're All Alone All Alone Simon Ward We're All Alone All Alone DJ Dan & Wynette Miller I'd Avoid Me Too All Alone Andrew, Simon There Goes My Baby & Sheila All Are Beautiful Thomas C. Tam Son Todas Bellas Rot Sind Die Rosen All Around Matt Barrett All Around All Around Matt Barrett All Around All Around Me Mark & Jan Caley Mambo Mambo Never Givin' Up On Love I'm Diggin' It All Around Shuffle Levi J. Hubbard Bop Shake It Give Me Love Ramalama Daisy All Around The World Alan Haywood All Around The World I'm From The Country Perfect Love All At Once Brian Holland Have You Met Miss Jones? All At Sea Jackie Scanlon Sea Cruise Farmer's Daughter All Australian Lesley Johnston Sun-A-Rise Sun-A-Rise Cha Cha All Banged Out !! Sharon Walton She Bangs All By My Lonesome DJ Dan & Wynette Miller All By My Lonesome All By My Lonesome! Jan Wyllie All By My Lonesome (All) Caged Up! Bryan McWherter Little Bird All Clear Linda Burgess The Coast Is Clear All Cool Robbie McGowan Hickie Horizontal Boogie That's Okay All Dat Mark Hood & You All Dat Douglas Semple All Day Long Gary Lafferty Mr. Mom All Dressed Up Sandra Mailman Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing All Dressed Up Lisa Foord & A White Sport Coat Yvonne Hammond All Eyes On Me Ria Vos All Eyes On Me All Fired Up Mick Herbert All Fired Up All Fired Up Kevin & Maria All Fired Up All Fired Up Nicole George Fire Cracker All For Love Marsha Story People Like Us All For Love All For You! Chris Brocklesby All For You All 4 Fun Levi J. Hubbard Love 4 Fun Touch Me (All Night Long) She Bangs All 4 U Jennifer All For You Pasley-Smith Take Your Time (Do It Right) All 4 U Levi J. Hubbard All For You All Gone Rosalie Mackay All I Had Going Is Gone All I Ask Of You Irene Groundwater All I Ask Of You Hank All I Can Do Leonie Smallwood All I Can Do All I Do Is Barbara Wallace All I Do Is Dream Of You Dream Of You All I Do Is Denise Boyle All I Do Love U 2 Much Love You Too Much All I Ever Rob Fowler, All I Ever Did Was Love You Andrew & Sheila All I Ever Wanted Joanne Taylor Smith All I Want Ashes By Now Trust In Me All I Got Robbie McGowan Hickie Everything I've Got All I Had Sandy Hawkins All I Had Is Gone All I Need Michael Vera-Lobos I Need You All I Need Is A Miracle Jo Kinser & All I Need Is A Miracle Amy Christian All I Wanna Do Elma Robertson All I Wanna Do All I Wanna Do Larry Bass Lay Around & Love On You All I Wanna Say Neville Fitzgerald I Miss You All I Want Denise Stone Come On Over (All I Want Is You) Steal My Kisses The Way You Love Me Lucky All I Want 4 Mark Smith & All I Want For Christmas Is You Christmas Is U! Lorraine Forth All I Want Phil Carpenter All I Want For Christmas Is You (For Christmas Is You) All I Want Is A Tammy Lee Cold Outside Pretty Good Thing All I Want Is U Chris Cleevely Come On Over My Guy All I Want Is You Maggie Gallagher All I Want Is You All I'll Ever Need Shelli Blake & It Don't Get Better Than This Larry Bass To Me You're Everything All In My Heart Waltz Kevin & Maria All In My Heart All Jacked Up Nancy A. Morgan All Jacked Up All Jacked Up DJ Dan & Wynette Miller All Jacked Up All Jacked Up Christy Fox All Jacked Up Rad Gambo All Join Hands Cato Larsen All Join Hands All Keyed Up! Lyle W. Hoffer Start The Car All Kinds Of Everything Joseph Yip All Kinds Of Everything All Kinds Of Everything Maria Tao All Kinds Of Everything All Messed Up Max Perry All Messed Up All Messed Up Bob Bonett Mess Me Around Motorcycle Cowboy Oyeme All Mine Charlene Cattoi Mind Your Own Business All My Heart Bill Bader Like We Never Had A Broken Heart All My Life Wrangler Wild Girl Like You All My Loving Karen Hunn All My Loving All My Tricks Joan Brady She Knows All My Tricks All My X's Live Ganean De La Grange All My X's Live In Texas In Texas All Night Cha-Cha Ron Kline One Night At A Time Shadows In The Night All Night Delight Larry Bass Lovin' All Night Liza Jane All Night Long Peter Metelnick Honky Tonk Song All Night Long Stella Cabeca All Night Long Sean M. Labott All Night Long All Night Long Mark Paton Bop All Night Long Robbie McGowan Hickie Somebody Like You Life Is A Beach I Got A Feelin All Night Long Jan Hanway All Night Long All Night Party John & Sue Riley Come On Over All Night Party Time John & Bonnie All Night Party Newcomer & Party Time Melinda Cingle Best Years Of Our Lives All Nighter Terry Hogan Rosie All Nighter Michael Lynn All Night Long All Nite Long Harlan Curtis All Night Long All Of Me Barbara Hile All Of Me All Of Me Peter Jones & All Of Me Anna Lockwood All Of Me Cha Cha Trevor Green You Got It All Of The Above Charlie Milne All Of The Above Better Man, Better Off All Of You Audrey Watson If Your Heart Ain't Busy Tonight Sun Goes Down All Or Nothing Lisa Foord & The Big Bad Broken Heart Julie & Dave Molkner All Or Nothing Pete Selwood All For You All Or Nothing Brett Johnston All Or Nothing All Or Nothing Geri Morrison All Or Nothing Don't Ruin It For The Rest Us All Our Own Johnny Montana & Le Click (Tonight Is The Night) The Vestal Virgins Look What Followed Me Home I Ain't Never All Outta Love Angie Shirley I'm All Out Of Love All Over It Mark & Jan Caley It's Got You All Over It Love To See You Cry As Long As You Belong To Me All Over The Place Lois Sturgeon Heartbreak Radio All Over The World Dave Munro All Over The World All Over Town Janelle All Over Town Wallingford All Points West Dan & Carol Hotel Whiskey Sherwin Dumas Walker Hillbilly Rock All-Right-A Michael Barr In The Summertime Down Came A Blackbird Hot Pink All Rise! Charlene Becky All Rise All Rise Bree Sarkies All Rise All Rise Shellie Plackett All Rise All Screwed Up Nathan DeWalt Thump Factor All Scuffed Up Maureen McGuigan Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time On A Good Night It's Midnight Cinderella It's All Over But The Shoutin' Country Girls All She Knows Jordan Lloyd All She Knows All She Wants DJ Dan & Wynette Size Matters (Someday) Miller All She Wants Duke Alexander All She Want To Do Is Dance All Shook Up Randy & Stephanie All Shook Up Krul All Shook Up Naomi Fleetwood All Shook Up All Smiles Leonie Smallwood I'll Be All Smiles Tonight Tonight Waltz & Ian Dunn All Sorts Jill McDonagh Tell Me Ma Warriors All Summer Long Randy Pelletier All Summer Long All Summer Long Paula Baker All Summer Long All That Dust! Roland Gutzwiller The Way Of Life All That I Am Neville Fitzgerald This Life & Julie Harris All That Sass Kelly Kaylin That Girl's Been Spyin' on Me All She Ever Wants Is More All The Good Lorraine Turner All The Good One's Are Gone One's Are Gone All The Right MOOves Peter Metelnick Cow Cow Girl All The Same Leonard Hage If It's All The Same All The Same To You Anita Ludlow All The Same To You All The Tears Don McRitchie All The Tears In The World In The World All The Way Lisa Ferguson All The Way All The Way Dawn Sherlock & All The Way Mark Furnell All The Way Down Kathryn Sloan & All The Way Down Samantha Kenny All The Way Gordon Timms All The Way With You (With You) All Things Kevin & Rena Ward All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) All Things Tim Gauci All Things All Things Condensed Lou Ecken & All Things Considered Lori Pung All Things Lou Ecken & All Things Considered Considered Lori Pung All Things Sandy Collins All Things Considered Considered All Things David R. Kopcych All Things Considered Considered All Things Junior Willis All Things Considered Considered All Things Made Susan Baird All Things Made New Again New Again One More Chance Blue All This Time The Angels All This Time (Slick-Chick, She Believes In Me Wacky-Jackie & She Believes (In Me) Raunchy-Rachel) The Rose All Those DJ Dan & Wynette I Never Really Knew You Little Lies Miller All Through Roz Morgan The One The Night Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely All Tied Up Max Perry & Tied To The Track Kathy Hunyadi All Together Patricia E. Stott Get Along & Friends from North Sweden All Together Now Sho Botham Do I Do It To You Love's Great Momma Ain't Home Tonight All Together Now Barbara Lowe Side By Side All Together Now Francien Sittrop All Together Now All Week Long Peter Metelnick Seven Nights To Rock (7 Nights To Rock) All Weekend Will Craig Friday To Sunday (you're) All Wet Marty West You Walked In Kissing Rain Walkin' On Me All Woman Girl Kathy Brown All Woman Girl All Wound Up! Todd Lescarbeau Fifty-Fifty Linda Lou Renaissance Honey Hush All Wrapped Up Kristen Wade Wrapped Around All Wrapped Up Frank Cooper Wrapped Around All Wrapped Up Tracey Barrett Wrapped Brand New Bow Arizona On My Mind Dreamworld That's How Much You Mean To Me All Ya'll Carole Daugherty More Bounce (In California) All You Ever Do Charles Bowring All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down All You Need Robyn Menerey All You Ever Need Is Love All You Need Is Love Stephen Sunter All You Really Need Is Love Long Sermon The Swing All Yours Christopher Petre I'm Yours & Angela Genduso All Yours Mishi Ziminski I'm Yours (Wheelchair) Alle, Ole Dion & Val Thomas The Cup Of Life Alley Cat Donna Aiken Romeo Strokin' Alligator Cooler Daniel Whittaker Rockin Work It Out Ain't No Mystery Alligator Rock Judy Cain See You Later Alligator My My My Boogie Shoes Alligator Shoes Terry Hogan Baton Rogue Alligator Walk Larry Bass Alligator Walk School Days Alligator Waltz Kay Needham Alligator Waltz Cattle Call Allisa Waltz Sarah Fenn-Tye Someone Must Feel Like A Fool Almaz Kim Ray Almaz Almost Kristina Beeby Almost Love Almost Always Barbara Mendelsohn The Quittin' Kind Almost Always Stephen Sunter Almost Always Don't Tell Me What To Do High, Low, And In Between Almost Beautiful Calamity Jane Newhard Awful Beautiful Life That's What It's All About The Bride Almost Cha Cha D.J. Lansaw Tough Love Neon Moon Almost Jamaica Almost Cookin' John Rowell Boogie Woogie Fiddle Country Blues Almost Doesn't Count Dynamite Dot Almost Doesn't Count Almost Heaven Steve Knowles Country Roads Almost Here The Girls (Maureen Almost Here & Michelle) Black Velvet Almost Jamaica Arizona Ann Napier Almost Jamaica Almost Jamaica Lisa Firth & Almost Jamaica Janet Halls Almost Jamaica Eddy May Almost Jamaica Almost Jamaica Lucy Love Almost Jamaica Almost Saturday Martin Ritchie Almost Saturday Night Night Almost Sure Mark & Jan Caley 99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before) Loba Men Almost There Gloria Johnson When The Wrong One Loves You Right Almost There Gary James Almost Jamaica Toss The Feathers Aloha Snap Eileen Williams Save This One For Me Your Tattoo John Deere Green Aloha Special Carrie Groeschel, Super Love Leona Stobaugh, Rodeo Man Lisa Langtry & David Groeschel Alone Cecilia Yong Alone Alone @ Nite Jay Madalene Lonely Out Tonight McIntyre Alone In Love Rona Kaye Desperately Alone Now Mike Belk I Think I'm Alone Now Alone Tonight Bernadette Gill I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes Crime Of The Century Alone With You John Clements Alone With You Alonestar Jane Newhard She's Taken A Shine It's Midnight Cinderella Along For The Ride Terry Hogan Ants On A Log Alotta Nada!!! Lynn Pistello A Little Bit Is Better Than Nada It's Alright Just For The Touch Of Your Hand Alpen Polka Trent & Mary Cummings Never Stop The Alpen Pop The Alpine Tony & Hilda The Cowboy Rides Away Milligan On A Good Night Already Broke M. Vasquez Ain't Breakin Nothin Already Gone Esmeralda v.d. Pol Already Gone Already Gone Ivonne Verhagen Already Gone Already There Patricia E. Stott I'm Already There Alright Gloria Johnson I'm Alright Alright Karen Hedges I'm Alright You're Not In Kansas Anymore Alright! Timothy Regester I'm Alright Alright! Lana Harvey That'd Be Alright Wilson Alright Joanne Harris That'd Be Alright Alright Nancy A. Morgan That'd Be Alright Alright William Sevone It's Alright Alright Linda Sansoucy It's Alright Alright Already Terry Hogan That's Okay Alright Girl Frank Trace But It's Alright Life On Ya Alright Guy T.Y. Anne Hewitt Alright Guy Love Really Hurts Without You Alright Mama Patricia E. Stott That's Alright Alright Now Jackie Barber Garden Party (Garden Party) Alright Tonight Michael Vera-Lobos Alright Tonight Alternative, The Dianne Joseph 5,6,7,8 Altern8 Swing Peter Metelnick Where I Come From Alunelul Unknown Always Stella Wilden Too Little Too Much Always Through Don't Love Make A Diamond Shine Always Yvonne Hammond Say I Do Always Tom Glover Always Have, Always Will Always Fred Knopp No Place That Far Always Judy McDonald 24-7-365 Always Kathy Forrest Together, Forever, Always Somebody Loves You Till You Love Me Always Irene Groundwater Always Love Lifted Me What'll I Do Kisses In The Dark Always Always Wendy Whitlock Always Have, Always Will Too Close Always (And Forever) Bryan McWherter I'm Your Man Jazz Machine Always & Forever Di Thompson Love Me Forever Always Be My Baby Sobrielo Philip Gene Always Be My Baby Always, Be There Errol Colomb There You'll Be Always Ends Martin Ritchie Ain't That The Way It Ends You Can't Stop Love Hey! You On The Radio South Of Santa Fe Always Gold Scott Blevins Second Sight Always Have Alan Robinson Always Have, Always Will No Love Have I Don't Stop In My World Always Have, Stuart Gimson Always Have, Always Will Always Will Always Have William Ambrose Always Have Always Will Always Will Always In A Band Roy Thompson Always In The Band Always In Love David Sinfield Almost Always Always In The Band Roy Thompson Always In The Band Always Look Back Stephen Rutter Queen Of My Heart Always Something Chris Kumre It's Always Something Always The Same Alan G. Birchall Lorraine Always Thinking Of You Daniel Whittaker When You Tell Me That You Love Me Always Tomorrow Heather Frye Always Tomorrow Always True Kirsteen Warren Always True Always Wanting More George Petrella Always Wanting More Always Will Glennis Robb Always Have, Always Will Always Will Jim Watt Always Have, Always Will Always Wrong John Rowell Couldn't Get It Right AM/FM (All My Susan Groeschel Sweet Little Shoe Favorite Moves) Just A Lil' Bit Am I Bovvered? Dougie D. Lead In My Pencil Am I Dreaming Rep Ghazali Am I Dreaming Am I That Dam Old Shuggie McCardle What I Used To Do All Night Amalgamation Tom Mickers Dance! Shout! Amalgamotion Sue Shotwell & Dan Speed Amalia's Shuffle Amalia Marquard I Like It, I Love It Honky Tonk Dancing Amame Robbie McGowan Amame Hickie Travelin' Man Amame (For Beginners) Irene Groundwater Amame Respect Yourself Amame, Besame Debbie Small Amame Amame Un Poquito Forty Arroyo Amame (Love Me A Little) Amanda Chris Peel Amanda Amanda's Waltz 'Uncle Bill' Amanda Guenther Amarillo Carol Blue To The Bone Dooley-Wilson Let The Heartache Ride Cumberland Road Amarillo Cherine Stiller Amarillo Amarillo Bill Larson Amarillo Amarillo Luke J. Craig (Is This The Way To) Amarillo Amarillo By Morning Carol McKee Amarillo By Morning Amarillo By Morning Peter Metelnick Amarillo By Morning & Alison Biggs Amarillo Rain Lee Newnham Amarillo Amazed Marty West Amazed Amazed Kurt Glover Amazed Amazed By You Luke van der Meer Amazed Amazing Michael Vera-Lobos Amazing Amazing Noel Castle Amazing Amazing Christmas Unknown Merry Christmas Everyone /Grace Amazing Grace Amazing Faith Rob Fowler Amazed Amazing Girl Juliet Lam & Timothy To Only Girl Amazing Grace Brett Jenkins & Amazing Grace Chris Watson Amazing Love Carl Sullivan & An Amazing Love Kristina Beeby Amazing Waltz, An Eddie Bolton Amazing Grace Amazing Waltz, The Wild Bill Amazing Grace McKechnie Ambitions Karl-Harry Winson Ambitions Ambitious Mauritius Rick Marton Does Your Mother Know (Coomber) Ambush, The Peter Heath Ambush Ambush Lorraine Deering Ambush Ambush 2 Lesley Johnston Ambush Just A Little Bit Of Love Amen Bill Govett Forever & Ever Amen Amen William Brown Can I Get An Amen Amen Brother Ian Dunn Bible Belt Amen Kind Of Love Darren Martin Amen Kind Of Love America Ernie Hutchinson America America Barry & Dari Anne America Amato American Child David Camm American Child American Courtesy Jane Newhard Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue American Cowboy Peter & Alison American Cowboy American Delay Group American Delight Unknown Beer And Bones American Dream Gabriel An American Dream Wild One Seven Nights To Rock American Dream Graham & Adelaide Heart Of Stone American Dream John Bishop & American Dream Karen Wilkinson American Express Kathy McKee A Little Bigger Slice Of The American Pie American Honey Neville Fitzgerald American Honey & Julie Harris American Idol Daniel Testa Forever Your Girl American Girl Gary Lafferty XXX's And OOO's American Gypsy Jay Steelman Gypsy American Life Zandra Varnham American Life American Night Out Sadiah Heggernes American Saturday Night American Pie Britton Edwards American Pie American Pie Chris & Richard American Pie Hodgson American Pie Jenny American Pie American Pie 2000 Roland Gutzwiller American Pie American Pop Michele Burton Shake Your Groove Thing Just Like A Rodeo Goin' Back To Louisana American Popping Carolyn Robinson Shake Your Groove Thing For Beginners! Hey Mr. DJ American Ride John Dembiec American Ride American Saturday Night Madeleine Jones American Saturday Night Oops I Slipped It's Up To You American Saturday Night A.J. & Scott Herbert American Saturday Night American Soldier Jo Thompson American Soldier Szymanski American Stomp Lisa M. Only In America Johns-Grose One Vision One World American Tradition Lisa Johns-Grose It's America Americana 21 Lorraine Only In America Susan Taylor Americano Linda Burgess Americano Americano Simon Ward & Americano (Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano) Maddison Glover Americano The Girls (Maureen We No Speak Americano & Michelle) Ami Oh Vivienne Scott Ami Oh Prohibida Amigo Jorma Leitzinger Kickin' And Screamin' Amigo Carl Sullivan Amigo Amigo Mick Herbert Amigo Amigo Mambo Angie Shirley Someone Should Tell Her Amnesia Rob Fowler I Forgot to Remember Amnesia? William Sevone I Miss Who I Was Amnesia Katharine Daley Black Is Black Amor Adrian Churm Amor South To Santa Fe Amor Zandra Varnham Amor Amor A La Mexicana Jos Slijpen Amor A La Mexicana Amor Latino Sadiah Heggernes Amor Latino Amor Pasional Ria Vos Amor Pasional Amor Quizas Timothy To & Quizas, Quizas, Quizas Theresina Tam Amore Cha Cha Barry Cook Dov'e L'Amore Amore? Cha-Cha Teree DeSarro A Week In Juarez I Will Know You Come Cryin' To Me Two Pina Coladas Don't Worry Baby Amore Mio Gordon Timms Ti Amo Amos Moses Jim Ferrazzano Amos Moses Good Run of Bad Luck Amos Moses Unknown Amos Moses Amos Moses Glenda Lane Amos Moses Amour En Provence Kathy Hunyadi Love Is Amy Kate Sala If You Seek Amy An Emotional Girl Heidi Leigep Emotional Girl Make Something Of It An Eye For An Eye Rep Ghazali Betcha Never An Irish Waltz Jan Wyllie Beautiful Meath An It's Crazy Jo & John Kinser, Crazy Mark Furnell Anamorada Kenny Teh Anamorada Ancient Buffalo Sylvia Priestley Lucky In Love Hello Honky Tonk Ancient History Norman Dery Ancient History And Around We Go Frank Cooper & Olé Olé Rose Squire And I Don't Know Barrie Marshall Love Is In The Air And I Liked It Maggie Gallagher I Kissed A Girl And I Love Her Pam Lindsey And I Love Her And I Love You So Lily Iguchi And I Love You So And I Rumba William Sevone And I Love Her And I Rumba 2 William Sevone And I Love Her & It Fits Brian & Anne Same Thing Happened To Me Bambury Foolish Heart Something Stupid &1 (And One) Susan "Boots" Men In Black Groeschel Sweet Little Shoe And Then Some Andy Williams Stuck On You And They Danced Peter Metelnick They Danced And They Say!!! Paul Snooke & Hero Cierwen Newell And We Danced Gordon Elliott And We Danced Andrea's Dance Millie Scheel Cuando Me & Besame Mucho Andrew's Cha Cha Andy Chumbley Island Almost Jamaica I Just Want To Dance With You Animals Michael Vera Lobos The Animal Song Angel Gita Renik Angel Angel Nicky Glenc Angel Angel Linda Burgess Angel Angel Jon Peppin Angel Angel Guyton Mundy Lips Of An Angel Angel Baby Amy Brockmann & I Feel The Magic John H. Robinson Angel Boy Sooz Goodes Angel Boy Angel Cha Birthe Tygesen Tango Angel Of No Mercy Islands In The Stream Angel Dance Mike O'Brien Angel Dance Angel Evangeline Harry Seddon Evangeline Angel Eyes Sally Redmond Angel Eyes Angel Face Gai Allomes & Wild One Peta Ryner Angel Heart Rachel Lawson If My Heart Had Wings Angel (Malaika) Andy Chumbley My Angel Malaika Angel Of Inspiration Stephen Rutter & My Angel Claire Butterworth Angel Of The Boardwalk Jan Wyllie Boardwalk Angel Angel On My Shoulder Michael Lynn Angel On My Shoulder Angel Rock Josie Pickles Rockin' All Over The World Angel Rock Jan Wyllie Rock And Roll Angels Angel Schottische Sue Halliday You're The Angel At The Top Of My Tree Angel Two-Step Max Perry Honky Tonk Angel Angel Waltz Tom Glover Not That I Care Angel Wings Susan Thompson No One Needs To Know Wild Angel Angel Wings The Girls (Maureen Angel & Michelle) Angelina's Contra Dance Jackie Lincoln Angelina Angelina's Dance Jan Wyllie Angelina Dance Angell Road Joan Giorgi & Angell Road A. Marie Giorgi Angels Susan Byrne On The Side Of Angels Angels Johnny Montana The Trouble With Angels Angels Brought Me Here! Paul Snooke & Angels Brought Me Here Mitch Barrow Angel's Cha Ross Carlin Ten Thousand Angels Angels Cry Val Parry Angels Cry Angels Fly Ria Vos Angels Fly Angels Instead Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Angels Angel's Lullaby Andy Chumbley Angel's Lullaby Angels On The Moon Guyton Mundy Angels On The Moon Angel's Rock Angela St. Onge Rodeo Rock I Am A Cowboy C-O-U-N-T-R-Y Angel's Waltz Norma Hull In The Arms Of An Angel Angels Waltz, The Debra Jacobs Let Her Fly Angie Hedy McAdams Silver-Tongue And Gold-Plated Lies Angie Baby, I Love Your Way Angie's Star Bob Jackson Sticks and Stones The Whiskey Ain't Working Anymore Animal!!!! Larry & The Animal Song Altie Majors Animal Instinct Jan Wyllie Just Playin Possum Animal Instincts Dean Stroeder The Animal Song Animation Dan Testa Take It From Me Right On The Money 455 Rocket Shortening Bread Animate Ankel Hook2 David F. Roberts Why Me This Love Of Ours Movin' On I'm Holdin Onto Love (To Save My Life) Annabell Valma Johnston Four In The Morning Anne Marie Knox Rhine Heavy Duty Beauty Anneke's Waltz Jan Wyllie Old Friends Annie's Love A. Bötger First Love Lonesome Love List Annie's Waltz Karen Jones Annie's Song Anniversary Waltz Jo Thompson I Love You, That's All Tucson Too Soon Blue Eyes Their Hearts Are Dancing Anniversary Waltz Gaye Teather Anniversary Waltz Saturday Night Dream On Texas Ladies Anniversary Waltz Tyra Farris Anniversary Waltz Ann's Day Ian Grey Day Off Anonymous Liam Hrycan I Don't Even Know Your Name Another Angel Audrey Watson Help Pour Out The Rain (Lacey's Song) Crazy Little Thing Called Love Another Bad Romance Pam Conner Bad Romance Another Cha Cha Toby Munroe & Another Cha Cha Jo Thompson Another Chance Kevin & Rena Ward Dance With My Father Calling All Angels Another Chance To Dance Jim Pearson & Another Chance To Dance Hazel Garrick Another Cheater Diana Dawson Cheater Cheater Another Day Liz Clarke I Just Couldn't Go On Another Day The Lady In Black Another Day Another Day Trent & Narelle Duncan Live To Love Another Day Another Day, Julia Ann Kennedy Another Day, Another Dollar Another Dollar Don't Tell Me It's Over Another Day (Easier) Trent & Narelle Duncan Live To Love Another Day Another Day Off Knox Rhine Day Off Just To Be Your Man Rhythm Of The Rain Another Day With You Jackie Brennan I Wanna Grow Old With You Another Girl Curtis Marting Just Another Girl Another Good Reason Sue Gupwell Another Good Reason Another Good Reason Yvonne Hammond Another Good Reason Another Heartbreak Robbie McGowan Thank You For The Heartbreak Hickie Get Out Of My Car Another 'Hot' Salsa David J. McDonagh Red Hot Salsa Another Letter Lance Marr In A Letter To You To You Another Log On The Fire Andy Chumbley Another Log On The Fire Another Lonely Day Val Parry Another Lonely Day Another Lonely Waltz DJ Dan & My Broken Heart's Breaking All Over Again Wynette Miller Another Love Anita Ludlow Another Love Another Man Done Gone Ron Kline Marie Laveau Another Night Michael Barr Another Night In Paradise In Paradise Another Nine Minutes Lois Lightfoot Another Nine Minutes What Away To Live Tell Laura I Love Her Another One Bites Dawn Dennell Another One Bites The Dust The Dust Hog Wild Funky Cowboy I'm A Cowboy Another One Andy Monks Another One Bites The Dust Bites The Dust Stomp Another Perfect Day David Sinfield Another Perfect Day Another Quickie! Joanne Brady Long On Talk, Short On Love Automatic Surrender Another Saturday Night Larry Bass Another Saturday Night Saturday Night Another Summer Night Chris Godden Another Summer Night My First, My Last, My Everything Another Sunrise Jan Wyllie Tequila Sunrise Another Thing Brian Dickson If It Ain't One Thing It's Another Another Time Marg Jones Only Time Another Woman Kathy DuBois Never Gonna Find Another Woman Like Me Men Another You Steve Mason I'd Never Find Another You Answer, The Debbie O'Hara Everybody Knows The Answer Is Yes Answer, The Val Reeves The Answer To Everything The Answer Traci Grande & The Answer To Our Life Jane Anderson My Kind Of Girl The Answer William Sevone The Answer To Everything Antidote Robbie McGowan Remedy Hickie Part Of Me Antidote Paula Frohn-Butterly Keep On Rockin' Anton Gyp Tyler Anton Aus Tirol Anton, Anton Michele Perron & Anton Aus Tirol Neil Hale In No Time At All I Didn't Know Ants John Elliott Ants On A Log Up A Tree We All Get Lucky Sometimes Any Dream Will Do Ann Wood Any Dream Will Do Any Dreams Will Do Queenie & Freddie Any Dream Will Do Cornelius Any Justice?? William Brown Put Some Drive In Your Country Is There Any Justice Any Man of Mine Unknown Any Man of Mine Any Man Will Do Dana Fassett Any Man of Mine Any Minute Now Leigh Huckel Any Minute Now Wish I Didn't Know Now Any Nite Club Jo & John Kinser Back For Good Reunited From This Moment On Nite And Day Any Number Mambo Terry Mandzuk Mambo #5 I Got A Girl Livin' La Vida Loca Any Ole Time Rosalie Mackay Any Ole Time Any Other Way DJ Dan & I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way Wynette Miller Any Time Now Linda Hegarty In These Shoes Escape Any Waltz.... (Will Do) Tony Wilson Goodnight Irene Any Way Jim Hart Any Way The Winds Blows Any Way The Joy Dawson Any Way The Wind Blows Wind Blows Any Which Way Chris Hodgson Any Which Way Anybody Wanna The Lady In Black Anybody Wanna Pray Anymore Ron Kline Wish I Didn't Miss You Anymore Teresa & Vera If The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore Anyone But You Tina Lincoln Anyone Else One Way Ticket Anyone Else Warren Mitchell Anyone Else Anyone Of Us The Girls (Maureen Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) & Michelle) Anyone Of Us Bell'sstar & Anyone Of Us Wacky Glynn Anyone Of Us Andrew Palmer & Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake) Can Dream Simon J. Cox I Can Dream Anything Else But You Kathy Hunyadi Anything Else But You Anything For You Roxanne Smith Just To See You Smile Anything Goes Barbara Smith It's Only Make Believe My Next Broken Heart Anything Goes Nolene Richardson Sittin' On Go Anything Goes Linda Burgess If You Can Do Anything Else Anything Goes Kate Sala & Anything Goes Sharon Newey Anything Is Possible Stephen Sunter Anything Is Possible Anytime Peter Flockhart There Goes My Baby Oh, What A Time To Be Me Face To Face Anytime Anywhere Eddie McIntosh Anytime Anywhere Anytime Cha Cha Ruth Elias Round The Clock Lovin' My Maria Anytime Waltz Sharon May This Woman Needs Anytime Waltz Susanne Oates Ready To Fly Time In A Bottle Under Your Spell Anyt'ing'll Do Cindi Talbot Dancehall Mood Let's Get Crazy Breakin' Dishes Soldier Of Love Dance With Me Love Game Anyway Yvonne Hammond I Love You Anyway Anyway The Wind Matthew Jacobs Anyway The Wind Blows Blows Anyway Boogaloo Barbara Wright Any Way the Wind Blows Anywhere John Whipple I Can't Take You Anywhere Apache Louise Murphy Apache Aphrodisiac Bill & Violet Ray My Aphrodisiac Is You Apple Tree Polka Michele Perron Forevermore Applebottom Jeans Amy Christian-Sohn Low Applejack Strut Heather Sowden Mountain High & Bump Apopka Stampede Jan Pratt Wild Love Hello, Cruel World Hillbilly Rock That's Country Western Girls Swingin' Hog Wild Time Marches On That Girl's Been Spyin' On Me Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing I'm Not Listening Anymore A Woman's Touch Apple Bottom Jeans Marie Spruk Low Apple Jack Unknown Amazing Grace Workin' for the Weekend Appleburg Hustle Dave Rusch Believe Me Baby (I Lied) My Heart Will Go On Appreciation Gary Lafferty The Baby All That I Need April Waltz, The Donna McCleer Waltz Of The Angels Arcadia Pauline Morgan Ride On Into The Sunset Walkin' On Me Arcadia Action Bob & Genevieve Louisiana Saturday Night Quinton Arch Rival Katrina Robinson Enemy Ardi's (Party) Roy East To Be With You Ballet Are We Family Judy Cain We Are Family Are We Flying? Dancin' Mamas Flying Are You? Larry & Are You Jimmy Ray? Altie Majors Renegade Are You? Kim Ray Tu Es Foutu Are You Coming Shirley Nicholson Coming To The Dance Line Dancing? Are You Down Will Craig Down Are You Happy Ian Dunn, Are You Happy Jakki Burley, Dorelle Dunn Are You In Tara Green Beer Run Are You Kidding?? Gail Tako Straight Tequila Night Small Town Saturday Night Are You Ready? Jacquie Berkhout Blue Boy Are You Ready Chris Hodgson Are You Ready For Love Are You Ready Craig Cooke Are You Ready For Love Are You Tempted Mike O'Brien Tempted Are Your Eyes Cato Larsen Are Your Eyes Still Blue Still Blue Argentina Maggie Gallagher Don't Cry For Me Argentina Ariba Angie Shirley & La Bamba R Hickie Shut Up & Drive Arise! Colleen Archer Rise Up Arizona Frank Cooper There Is No Arizona Arizona Amble, The Hillingdon Honey I'm Home Hillbillies Arizona Shuffle Paul & Sylvia In A Letter To You Glossop Arizona (Iced Tea) Dan Albro Blame It On Texas Stomp Mercury Blues Arizona Stroll Adrian Lacamp The Domino Theory of Love Ocean Front Property Arizona Strut Unknown Swing The Mood If The Devil Danced In Empty Pockets Arizona Way John Corbett I Can Dream Arkansas Stomp Unknown Can't Even Get The Blues Driving My Life Away Redneck Girl In A New York Minute He's A Heartache Arlene George Davis Arlene Armadillo Unknown Born To Boogie Devil's On the Loose Fishin' In the Dark Stand Up Armadillo Jim Ferrazzano Lost and Found Armadillo Unknown Born To Boogie Janie's Going Fishing Chitlin' Time Armadillo, The Charles Bowring I'm A Cowboy Armageddon It Justine Must've Had A Ball Shuttleworth Arms Of An Angel Michael Vera-Lobos Angel Arms Of Love, The Jan Wyllie Safe In The Arms Of Love Armstrong Gaye Teather Will My Arms Be Strong Enough Around And Around Pepper Siquieros Skin (Sarabeth) Around Here DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Around Here Around Me DJ Dan & Wynette Loving You Makes Me Strong Miller Around The Hill Judith Just Around The Hill Godleman-Watson If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask! I Wish That I Could Fall In Love Today Around The House Keith & Heather What I'm Talking About Hamilton Around The World Max Perry Honky Tonk World Around The World Amber Alex Don't Be Stupid Around The World John & Dorothy Boogie Till The Cows Come Home Houston No Doubt About It Arlene There Goes My Heart Around The World William Ambrose Been Around The World Around The World Roz Morgan Around The World Around The World Phil Carpenter Around The World Around You Ria Vos If I Could Build My Whole Life Around You Arriba Kathy Hunyadi & Arriba Max Perry Arriba Kerry & Sherry Arriba Arriba Gerard Murphy Arriba Blue He Rocks There's Your Trouble I Can Love You Better Arriba Va! Vicki E. Rader Cup Of Life Bayou Boys I Hope You Want Me Too Zydeco Lady Melbourne Mambo Artec Line EJ Foley Every Time I Get Around You Nothin' A Little Love Won't Cure Daddy's Honky Tonk Heart Artois Groove Tina Neale & Oye Matthew Oakley Arumba Neil Hale Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind Out With A Bang Aryati Francien Sittrop Aryati As Always Julie Molkner You Are The One As Fast As I Could Rob Fowler As Fast As I Could As Good As I Once Was Dennis & Ruthie Duke As Good As I Once Was As Good As Helen Born & As Good As I Once Was I Once Was Nita Lindley As Good, Harold Grimshaw What Do You Say To That If Not Better! As If I Ever Ray Crum As If As Long As I Got You Jos Slijpen Long As I Got You As Long As You Live Chris Bowles You Won't Forget About Me Your Disco Needs You Rock Your Body As Long As You Norman Mullinix As Long As You Love Me Love Me As Long As You Love Me Ash As Long As You Love Me As Love Is My Witness Peter & Alison As Love Is My Witness As Time Goes By Gordon Timms By The Time I Get To Phoenix As Time Moves On Seth Lilly Movin' On Ashes Gytal Ashes By Now Ashes By Now David J. McDonagh Ashes By Now Ashes By Now Glenda Ortiz Harney Ashes By Now Ashes Of Love Gary Lafferty Ashes Of Love Ashes Of Love Roy Thompson Ashes Of Love Ashes To Ashes Liam Hrycan Ashes By Now Ashes To Ashes Jan Wyllie Ashes Ashes Won't Burn Gerald Biggs Ashes Won't Burn Just Got Started Loving You Ashley's Waltz Joe & Penny Barker Last Cheaters Waltz Asi Es Maria Nathalie Bulsing Maria & Andrea Koot Asian Heart Chris Hodgson Heart Of Asia Ask Her Faster Group Ask Her Faster Askin' Questions Larry Bass Askin' Questions Asking Questions Andy Williams Askin' Questions Ass In Motion Mark Furnell Ain't A Love At Christmas Time Kevin Bartlett At Christmas Time & Zena Arch At First Sight Cherry Evans At First Sight At Play Wednesday Night No One Needs To Know Regulars at Playfield's Sports Bar At The Beginning Geri Morrison At The Beginning At The End Of A Rainbow Sandy Kerrigan Just Like The Weather @ The Hop! Carmel Hutchinson At The Hop At The Hop Kenny Teh At The Hop At The Strip Carol Clements At The Strip At This Moment Jennifer Choo Sue Chin At This Moment Athens Grease David J. Hogg Athens Grease Atlanta Boogie Alan Robinson 4 To 1 In Atlanta Atlanta Reel Susanne Harrison Atlanta Reel One Dance With You Atlantic Crossing Vicki Rader & You Turn Me On Chris Goodyear All Lit Up In Love Atlantic Faire Bootscooters of My Night To Howl America, Limited Life #9 Jealous Bone Atlantis Jamie Marshall & Trying To Find Atlantis John Robinson Atlantis Micheal Diven Trying To Find Atlantis Atomic Mary Kelly If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask Atomic Powered Betty's Taking Judo Atomic Bomb Sharon Walton I Want Your Love Atomic Country Pete Harkness I Want Your Love Atomic Man Steve Mason I'm Your Man Atomic Looking For Love In A Letter To You Atomic 2000 Dave & Corinne Atomic Hook Rocking Pneumonia Gamblin' Bar Room Blues Needin U You Should Be Atomik Polka Bastiaan van Leeuwen Turbo Polka Attention Chris Watson The Battle Of New Orleans Attitude Rick & Deborah Born In The Dark Bates If It Ain't One Thing It's Another Third Rock From The Sun Attitude Evelyn Khinoo Little Drops Of My Heart Daddy's Money Eat at Joe's Attitude Justine Shuttleworth & I Wanna Girl In A Pick Up Truck Melissa Standaloft Attitude Janice Mackay-Smith & That Don't Impress Me Much Lou Bongiovanni Attitude Masters In Line Attitude Attitude Aptitude Matthew Oakley Morphine Tighten Up Your Pants Attitudes Mike & Pat Schultz Honky Tonk Attitude Attraction Junior Willis Opposites Attract Auction Here Carol Weiner-Hamm Sold South Side Of Dixie Auctioneer, The Teree DeSarro Sold The Auctioneer Maureen McGuigan If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl What You Gonna Do With A Cowboy Audrey's Mambo #5 Audrey Higgins Mambo #5 Auld Lang Syne Jenifer Reaume Auld Lang Syne Aussie Antics Jan Wyllie Waltzing Matilda Aussie Fella BevRobPart Cunnamulla Fella Austin Unknown Let The Heartache Ride Austin Dianne Joseph Put Your Heart Into It Austin Paul Snooke, Austin Samantha Dixon & Kelvin Dale Austin Cha Cha Martin Ritchie Amy's Back In Austin Austin J. Karen Hedges 455 Rocket Auto-Devastation Leanne Morse We Will Rock You Auto-Moves Judy Cain Baby (You Got What It Takes) Lonesome Day Make Love To Me Automatic Tony Willis Larger Than Life Automatic Neville Fitzgerald Automatic Automatic High Wesley Cowie Automatic High Autumn Moon Robbie McGowan Hickie I'm Gonna Miss You Girl Neon Moon Autumn Rose Knox Rhine That's What I Get For Thinking Autumn Tears Leong Mei Ling Autumn Comes And Goes Autumn Tears Leong Mei Ling Autumn Comes And Goes Avalanche Kathy Blasen Walkin' On Me Avarice Steve Bisson Mr Greed Ave Maria Kathy Hunyadi Ave Maria Ave Maria Michael Vera-Lobos Ave Maria & Noel Bradey Ave Maria Kumari Tugnait Ave Maria Ave Maria Shaz Walton Ave Maria Awake Martin Plugge Awake Away From Home Linda M. Brubaker 500 Miles Away From Home Away From You Karen Norris When I'm Away From You Away You Go Alana Clancy Go Away Awesome David Cheshire She's Awesome Awful Beautiful (Life) Alan G. Birchall Awful Beautiful Life Awkward David J. McDonagh I'd Rather Ride Around With You Rocky Top Love On The Loose, Heart On The Run Big Love A Little More Love Dizzy Aww Shucks! Carole Daugherty Memphis Train (Memphis Train) & Brian Randall What A World Ay Amor Ria Vos Ay Amor Ay Amor (Oh Love) Judy Rodgers Ay Amor Ay, Ay, Ay Jos Slijpen Ay, Ay, Ay It's Christmas It's Christmas Alabao Ayat Ayat Cinta Meiske Pamaputera Ayat Ayat Cinta Aye Chihuahua Tim Gauci Chihuahua Aye Yi Yi Aye Phil Carpenter Get Over You Crazy Dreams Nothings Changed Here Ayo-Ayo Rani Peacock I.O.I.O. Azer-Bai-Jan Maggie Gallagher Always Azlan Rose Matt Thomson & Like A Rose Mishi Ziminski Azure Cha Cha Karen Stretch To Be With You I Won't Leave You Lonely Azzano Carol McKee Should I Take That As A No

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